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Counselor's Cove

Welcome to The Counselor’s Cove. 

Here you will find monthly updates on our CORE value lessons and mental health information.

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The Counselor's Corner


Welcome back to school! As we head back we want to keep in mind the anxiety that can sometimes come with a new school year, new classroom, new teacher, and sometimes the transition from summer freedom to routines. This can feel overwhelming for students and parents. Take some time to decompress at the end of the day. Listen to relaxing music, sit quietly outside, breath in the fresh air, taking a hot shower or bath, and talk about your day. Simple acts can often make a big difference in students and parents stress level and comfort. 

                                                                         CORE Value for August

Our CORE Essential Value for August in CREATIVITY! Being creativite means using your imagination to do something new! Talk about what creative things you did this summer, and learn about new fun ways to be creative froma friend or teacher. 





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