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Counselor's Cove

Welcome to The Counselor’s Cove. 

Here you will find monthly updates on our CORE value lessons, mental health information, and updates on test and scholarships.

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The Counselor's Cove

September 2022

 Important upcoming dates and information

  • At the Elementary:
    • Grandparents breakfast is Friday September 9th! Join your grandchild starting at 7:15am. 
    • September has SO MANY fun national holidays! Here are a few we will be enjoying: Sept 6 -Read a book day, 13th- positive thinking day, Sept 19 - Talk Like A-Pirate, Sept 26th - Johnny Apple seed day, Sept 30th Love people day!
  • This is where you will find dates and info on events, ceremonies, and scholarships in future editions!


We love to give shout outs to amazing students and staff! This month we want to thank Mrs Johnson for her initiative and fun energy she has brought to the campus! 

Who is who? 

The counseling team is here to help! Our motto is all hands on deck! Mrs. Smith is the School Counselor addressing mental health and behavioral needs. Mrs. Wheeler is helping with guidance counseling addressing college readiness and scholarship information. Mrs. Scottie is the Communities in Schools representative helping students with their needs and resources. We want to support students on their educational path. Check out the counselor video posted on the Petrolia CISD page!


Health and Safety Spotlight

The health and safety of out students is our top priority! There are many challenges to educating students on safe choices. This month we are focusing on vaping. Vaping, or e-cigarettes, are on the rise. Using vapes has been linked to an increased blood pressure, heart-rate and stiff arteries. All of these increase the risk of developing heart disease, along with gum and lung illnesses. If you are unsure what to look for the image shows a variety of styles you may see. Vaping is not allowed at school and doing so comes with serious consequences. Please be aware of your student's activities and talk to them about the results of using a vape. If you feel your student needs services to beat the habit please reach out to Mrs. Scottie or Mrs. Smith. 

Character Development Focus

September is about TRUST! Trust is being able to put your confidence in someone you can depend on. We will be talking this month about ways to show trust and earn trust. Let's stick together by being honest, dependable, and helpful. 

Why the pilot whale for trust? Pilot whales have each other’s backs, even sticking together when danger is close. Their social bonds are strengthened as they hunt, play, and travel together. Talk to your student at home about times you trusted someone, and keep an eye out for worksheets or certificates they may bring home. 

Angela Smith

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