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Counselor's Cove

Welcome to The Counselor’s Cove. 

Here you will find monthly updates on our CORE value lessons, mental health information, and updates on test and scholarships.

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The Counselor's Corner


 Important upcoming dates and information

  • At the Elementary:


Shout out to Mrs. Stout for taking on any challenge, and helping our students and teacher grow!


Health and Safety Spotlight

Cold and flu season is upon us! In the midst of the viruses and stomach bugs going around, please increase hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes, and use caution. Nurse Hughes is working hard to respond to any ailments students have. As a reminder students should not return to school for 24 hours fever/vomit free. 


Core Value of the Month

January’s word of month is ‘Knowledge’ – Learning something new so you can be better at whatever you do. We are encouraging students to gain and share knowledge. A fun activity is to look up your learning style with your student. 




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