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SHAC minutes 08.18.2023

SHAC minutes meeting 1 2023.docx


August 18, 2023

Meeting began at 4:00pm


Attendees: Barbara Hughes, Cristina McCrary, Kristin Mahurin, Charlie Henderson, Angela Smith, Skyla Barger, LeAnn Johnson (via speaker phone)


Meeting led by Barbara Hughes, RN School nurse and SHAC Chair



  1. Introduction and attendance

  2. Voting on co-chair and secretary positions

  3. Standing committee appointments

  4. Handing out and approving SHAC by-laws

  5. Discuss ways to increase involvement in SHAC

  6. Possible partnerships with community members/parents



  1. Attendees introduced themselves and attendance was taken.


  1. Floor was open to those interested in co-chair and secretary positions. Cristina McCrary voiced interest in co-chair, no one opposed. Cristina McCrary was named co-chair. No one in attendance wished to be named secretary so for the time being Cristina McCrary and Barbara Hughes will take on secretary duties as needed. 


  1. Standing committee appointments were named as follows: 


  1. Food and Nutrition: Skyla Barger 

  2. Physical Education and Physical activity: has yet to be named but Roderick Reed or Mr. Johnston were named as possible appointees

  3. Health Education: has yet to be named

  4. Counseling/Social work/Psychological services: Angela Smith

  5. Parent and Community involvement: has yet to be named but Heather Hardie was named as a good possible option

  6. Environment/School safety: has yet to be named but Sheriff Horton was named as a good option if he’d like to be involved in SHAC

  7. Staff wellness: Kristin Mahurin


  1. SHAC bylaws were read and changes were noted and adopted, bylaws will be posted with meeting minutes.  


  1. Discussed ways to increase involvement: Send out parent square notification, post on Facebook, invite specific students to join, invite clergy from Byers Assembly, SHAC member’s family and friends. Invite members of the board and make sure they are aware when the meetings are. Also, holding meetings later in the evening to allow for more to attend. Hand out flyers at the upcoming grandparent’s day event.


  1. Discussed possible partnerships: Cristina McCrary to reach out to united regional. United Regional trauma lead was called to ask questions on CPR certifications, Narcan training, and standing orders. She said Marsha Boone would be a great resource. Keith Gates does cpr hands on and stop the bleed training for staff, but does he do American Red Cross certifications for those staff who’d like to get certified. Discussed developing a CPR response team and the value of having certifications. 


Cristina McCrary to reach out to newly forming parent club to find ways they can help out (i.e. help with screenings, jump rope for heart, field day, etc. or parents who are professionals that can give health related education to classes, such as, proper hand washing, dental hygiene, etc.) Nurse was asked if any other needs, new underwear for the health clinic was requested, parent square notification of stomach bug and request for donations of new underwear was already sent out to parents and staff.   


Meeting adjourned  at 4:52pm

Barbara Hughes

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