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SHAC minutes 01.29.2024


January 29, 2024

Meeting began at 5:30pm


Attendees: Barbara Hughes, Kristin Mahurin, Loren Brock, Charles Henderson, Misti Brock, Angela Smith


Meeting led by Barbara Hughes, RN School nurse and SHAC Chair



  1. Introduction and attendance

  2. Sex education

  3. Annual student fitness gram

  4. Summer health fair

  5. No water on campus recommendations

  6. Terrific teeth

  7. Staff wellness

  8. Track and Field day

  9. Cafeteria food



  1. Attendees introduced themselves and attendance was taken.


  1. Options for sex education discussed. The board’s stance is abstinence is best. Talked about a few possible curriculums that are available with that view. (Draw the Line/Respect the Line, Heritage Keepers Abstinence Education, Promoting Health Among Teens! Abstinence-Only intervention). In the past Hot Topics has always been done by having someone come talk to 4-6th grade. Reached out to Kenda Cox (because it was her sister that used to come do the talks) to see if she has contact information for a person or company that can come. If that is not an option Angela Smith will talk to the boys about body changes and basic hygiene and Barbara Hughes will talk to the girls about body changes and basic hygiene. 


  1. Coach Reed’s update on the fitness gram and jump rope for heart was “For the jump rope for heart, Mrs. Reese is helping get everything setup. I will get more information out soon. I know she told me that she had some high school kids help her whenever she did it. I also have completed the fitness gram in the fall, but will do it again in the spring to see if kids improved.” Nurse Barbara also said she is doing height and weight on all elementary students but has to wait for a new scale that has the ability to measure height because the scale she has is missing the inner part that raises that allows us to measure taller kids. The new scale should be in this week or next and will allow her to go class to class and measure height and weight quickly and without assistance. 


  1. Discussed the idea of a health fair in late July, early August that promotes whole body wellness.

    • World passport theme, go booth to booth to get stamps and when filled get a prize of some sort.

    • booth for immunizations run by DSHS, free immunizations for those that need them

    • booth for hearing and vision, nurse to reach out to another school nurse or region 9 to see if we can get a second qualified screener to help with those screenings

    • height and weight booth can be run by parent volunteers

    • spinal checks and physicals booth, see if there’s a nurse or MD that would come, they can advertise their clinic

    • healthy teeth/oral habits, reach out to a dental practice, maybe children’s dentistry that can set up an info booth and advertise their dental practice

    • hand washing and basic hygiene booth can just be a display or part of another booth

    • healthy eating habits, run by Skyla Barger (our district cafeteria manager) or Jessica Morath (who is a certified nutritionist)

    • The upside would also like to include an inclusion/anti-bullying booth

    • maybe the WF PD would come with their drunk goggles

    • maybe the blood bank can come set up as well

    • the health fair can make money from vendors that want to promote healthy products, just depends on how big a deal we want to make this

    • definitely need to do 2 separate events one for elementary school campus and one for high school campus. 


  1. Opened the floor for suggestions on what to do when the school is without water. We all agreed this last event was handled amazingly but the delay in porta potty delivery was the only downside. Ideas to help with that is possibly buy one of those large porta potties and have it on hand they run roughly $3500, another option that was floated was that Clay County Farm Bureau is thinking about buying one to have on hand that maybe we can have them store here and use as needed. Charles Henderson reached out to find out that it is on hold due to liability of emptying. But purchasing porta potties to have on hand here is a great idea since we need them a few times a year.


  1. The Masonic Lodge terrific teeth program for first grade had a set back because the man they had doing it was extremely rude. He demanded that we set it up at a certain Friday and when Ms. Johnson moved everything around to accommodate him he called on the Wednesday before and said he needs to do it Thursday instead of Friday and was again demanding and rude and unwilling to schedule any other time. Nurse Barbara reached out to Delane Jackson who is the Program Specialist and Coordinator to tell her we can’t work with him. So for now we are a drop off location only. They will drop off the packets and the Nurse will do the education on healthy teeth habits. 

  2. Staff wellness/appreciation ideas

    • currently doing a “new year, new you” health challenge for staff that emphasizes incorporating healthy habits slowly and building on them. Week one: drink ¼ your body weight in oz of water, week two: drink ½ your body weight in oz of water and say 3 positive affirmations a day, week three: drink ½ your body weight in oz of water, 3 positive affirmations and eat one healthy meal a day, and so on. There is a weekly prize for the weeks largest % of weight lost. Those that opted in paid $15 and the end of challenge the person that lost the largest % of weight lost over all wins the pot of money. There are only 9 staff members signed up for this challenge. The idea of trying to give a ½ day away was thrown out as a possible incentive to booster participation. The nurse will talk to Kenda Cox about it as a future idea.

    • nurse already set up flu shots for the staff and that was well attended with 26 staff or staff family members opting to come get their flu shots done by Henrietta Pharmacy.

    • Nurse will be reaching out to Vernon College to see if we can get massage students or manicure students to come do massages and manicures for teachers during teacher appreciation week May 6th-10th. Holly Scheller is the contact person for that. May be too late to set (hopefully not) for this year but maybe we can set it up for next year. 

    • rolling ice cream, taco or coffee bar taken class to class for staff

    • maybe have pirate parents set up a lunch for staff during teacher appreciation week


  1. Track and Field Day ideas

    • make it more fun and less test like

      1. egg pass

      2. water bucket over head pass

      3. sidewalk chalk

      4. sack races

      5. inflatables

      6. boy scouts can bring their rock wall

      7. have events going at the same time so the kids are just sitting in the sun or rain

      8. If Field day is used for fitness gram do it separate

    • maybe set up a mini field day committee

      1. talk to Ms. Reese and Coach Reed about the ideas


  1. Floor opened to any other topics- Cafeteria vendor and food was brought up. Who are we using? why is the food not good? Is it because the guidelines we have to follow? Will bring it up at next meeting when Skyla is available to discuss the topic.


Meeting adjourned  at 6:27pm