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SHAC minutes 04.29.24


April 29, 2024

Meeting began at 5:30pm


Attendees: Barbara Hughes, Cristina McCrary, Skyla Barger, Roderick Reed, and Angela Smith


Meeting led by Barbara Hughes, RN School nurse and SHAC Chair




  1. Cafeteria vendor and food was brought up at the last meeting. Who are we using? What are the nutritional guidelines we have to follow? 

  2. nurse is leaving and will no longer be chair. Board will appoint chair next year, please do your best to help whoever it is continue with the plans/ideas of health fair, employee health ideas, boost membership, etc. 

  3. would love for our pirate parents to be represented at the SHAC

  4. appointment of members for next year. 

  5. This is our final meeting of the year 




  1. Attendees introduced themselves and attendance was taken.


  1. School lunch options were discussed. Cafeteria vender is LaBatt. Federal guidelines are constantly changing but sugar and sodium are limited. There’s a meat, grain, fruit and dairy option available daily. There are 6 options daily on the free lunch line. There’s also a pay line that has other options available. For more information on guidelines go to


  1. Coach Reed updated us on the upcoming field day and “fun” options were discussed to go along with the tug-o-war, softball throw, long jump, 25-100 meter dash, etc. Options that were discussed were:

    • Bounce houses

    • Water balloons

    • Ring toss

Coach Reed to reach out to us if he’d like to add anything like this so we can get supplies. Cano or Castanon families were brought up saying they have the big industrial inflatables that they might be willing to allow us to use. Angela Smith said we might be able to have Ms. Shobert do face painting again and to let her know if she needs to get balloons to paint for these events.


  1. Discussed this is the nurse’s last year and will not be with us next year. Cristina McCrary will  serve her co-Chair 2nd year next school year and Misti Brock will serve her 2nd year as secretary next year.


Meeting adjourned  at 6:13 pm